This is Welsh Antifa

Welsh Antifa is a direct action group whose aim is to tackle the rise of the far right in and around Wales. This group is here to unite Anti-fascists and to organise a pro-active approach to the WDL, EDL, BNP and any other group which promotes racial cultural hatred.

At a time where small businesses are being forced to close, benefit queues are getting longer, assisted housing/council house tenancies are like gold-dust, the public services we all rely on are being cut to the bone, and ordinary people are faced with limited choices at the ballot box, the far right offer an alternative which can be appealing to sections of the working class.

Due to the lack of a strong pro-working class alternative at the ballot box, the field is left open to the far right to present themselves as the only radical option outside of the political mainstream which has created the conditions needed for the far right to thrive.

The BNP, the EDL and the far right do not offer an honest alternative. The far right have always been anti-working class as well as racist. They oppose the trade union movement; they offer no alternatives to the vicious cuts programme which is the greatest attack on ordinary people in generations; they divide us when we need to be united; and they support the status quo of an unequal society.

The scapegoating which has been legitimised by the media and mainstream politicians alike, will ensure that the vicious blame-game perpetrated by right-wing organisations will continue to pose a threat.

If you're fed up with being kettled at UAF demos or just looking to get involved somehow but not sure where to begin, then do come along to one of our meetings. We are a newly formed group, but we are committed and hopefully we will grow in numbers and experience together.